The Show

Towle Theater created this show to pay tribute to the most beloved female recording group of all time and to highlight the incredible talent of 4 young women.

What sets The All American Sweethearts apart from other Andrews Sisters tribute acts? In a word - authenticity!

"There are other groups out there comprised of good singers, but our girls aren't creating typical jazz vocal stylings, they're re-creating the sound of the greatest female recording group of all time - right down to the Minnesota vowels and the mid-western sound. Sometimes less is more! When it comes to costumes, the creative team lead by designer Kevin Bellamy has set out to capture the essence of true 40's fashion. The real Andrews Sisters didn't wear lots of sequins and flashy outfits; for the most part their clothing was understated allowing the vocals to speak for themselves."
-Jeff Casey

The Cast

Starring: Lauren Demerath, Nelia Miller and Allison Sokolowski
Featuring: Elizabeth Tuazon, vocal and music director, on piano

Who are the All American Sweethearts?

Lauren, Allison and Nelia are all Chicago-based performers. While each possesses a unique vocal quality and tremendous solo power, when they sing together - magic happens! It is rare to work with vocalists who can blend, harmonize and match tone to the degree of success that these women achieve.

The Support Staff

Directed by Jeff Casey, Managing Director
Music/ Vocal Direction by Elizabeth Tuazon
Costume and Set Design by Kevin Bellamy, Director of Administration
Choreographed by Nelia Miller and Jeff Casey
Wig Design by Antoinette Alessio-Gomez


Sponsored by Yale Business Center in the heart of downtown Hammond

Owners Richard & Carole Barnes